Marketing Professional looking for work- New to remote community

Hi All,

I am Neha from India. I am a marketing professional with 6+ years of experience. I have worked across industries like IT, Healthcare, Insurance, Tourism etc, focusing on Indian (South Asia), UK and US market.

I am looking for a remote opportunity as it would help me work from a place of my choice. In my last job, I needed to work remotely due to some personal issues however, as the company didn’t have the remote work policy I had to resign. I felt really bad as I had to choose between work and personal life. This led me to the idea of working remotely as it would let me work from a place of my choice.
As, I am new to this any pointers would be helpful. I have worked from home but not as a 100% remote resource.

I have worked on

  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Branding- Employer & Corporate

Looking forward to connecting and interacting with you all.


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Hi @neha.jamwal welcome to our Pangian remote tribe. I’m Mag, the founder of Pangian. I’ve been remote now for 10 years and love every single minute of it. Remote work allowed to travel the world (now over 50 countries) and gave me full freedom to design my life the way it makes happiness.

I’ver recorded a lot of videos for Pangians around the world with tips for going remote. Here is the link to our GO REMOTE resource section:

I hope that helps.

Thanks Mag for the links :slight_smile: