NEW REMOTE JOB: Director of Program Innovation - $70,000 - $80,000 + bonuses

Hello awesome Pangians. We have a great new opening for Remote Director of Program Innovation. It comes with a Salary range: $70,000 - $80,000 , bonuses , and international trips .

The position is perfect for a candidate with:

  • 5 – 7 years experience in team management in positions of increasing responsibility including 2 – 3 years experience managing a team in a program or project management environment

  • Demonstrated knowledge of key principles and practices in creating learning and development programs by understanding, balancing and blending approaches and practices of mixed methods.

Here is the link with details:

Comment below if you are applying or would like to refer a friend. This position is open to candidates around the world who can work on USA EST timezone.

Wow! You don’t see this position open every day. Thank you Mag!

Hi Mag,

Please have a look at my profile. It would be great if you could refer me if you deem fit.

Thank you
Best Regards
Kunal Bhatia

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Thank you! I’ve just applied and wondered if you have any further advice, Mag?

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Hi @kunalbhatia can you please share a link to your Pangian profile? Also - did you already apply for the position?

Hi @aliciacrawford1 if you applied - the application goes directel to the hiring manager so I am sure they received it. If you would like - please share you Pangian profile link below. I will be happy to take a look and I can confirm the fit for the position - I will be happy to refer from Pangian site as well. Let me know.

Thank you so much, Mag. Here is my profile. It is definitely a work in progress! I have on my list of to-dos to take advantage of all the resources and guides provided by Pangian- in time.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and sending gratitude in advance.


Awesome @aliciacrawford1 I just send you a PM in your Pangian account. Will wait for your email. Best, Mag

Sounds exciting! I will be applying this evening. In the meantime, here is my Pangian profile: As well as, my LinkedIn profile:

This site is fantastic!

Hi @terriburkhart - great profile and fantastic, unique skill set that could be a great fit for this position. Once you apply - please message me at:

I would like to refer you directly to the company.

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I completed the questionnaire, sent my resume and cover letter via e-mail, per the instructions. I tried the link above but it isn’t working. I will work on that next :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to leave you unanswered.

Thanks again!!

Mag - I was on your webinar earlier this morning and had applied for this position earlier in the week. I am building out the profile, but have not yet finished.

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Hello Mag,
Is such a position open to residents in EU ? I can work with USA EST time zone for example.

Hi @suealexander awesome. So glad you could join us at the webinar. Please let me know when your profile is ready. I would love to review it and see if I can recommend you to the company. The posting is closing soon so please try to finish and contact me before the posting closes.

@leodenisov Yes. This company hires candidates around the world and as long as you can work on USA EST that is fine. Unfortunately this position was just filled so is no longer available, but when you see “category” - 'Anywhere" or “Worldwide” - that means it’s open to candidates from around the world.

Hey @Mag any project manager remote opening ?

I am an experienced project manager, with a wide range of experience in IT. I have successfully managed multiple large-scale projects for international clients.
I have a proven track record in delivering projects on time and within budget.
I am an excellent communicator, both verbal and written, and work well under pressure to achieve set deadlines
I am looking for a new challenge to manage your IT project as I feel my skills would be ideal for this role.
Please get back to me so we can discuss it further as I feel this will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate my skills.

Thanks and Regards
Prashant Verma
Phone: +91 7007179287