NEW REMOTE JOB: Remote Business Development Coordinator (details inside)

Hi awesome Pangians! We are looking for a creative Remote Business Development Coordinator & Account Manager for World Business and Executive Coaches Summit.

This opportunity is fully remote - open to candidates from around the world

Employer: World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (working with top coaches for Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and world leaders)

This is a fantastic opportunity and I cannot wait for a Pangians to begin their remote work adventure with WBECS!

Comment below with your Pangian profile link if you are applying. I will be reviewing all profiles and sending my recommendations for the best-fit candidates.

Link to full requirements below:


Hi awesome Pangians - still 3 weeks left to apply. Let me know if you are applying.


Hi Mag,
Thank you for posting this opportunity.
I would like to apply but I am insecure I am not qualified or experienced enough. I am willing to learn though.
What is your tips about it?


Hi Mag!

I just sent my application!! I was SO excited when I saw they had this vacancy! Fingers crossed now!!

Have a great day!

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@patriciadelvado fantastic! I’m in a process of evaluating Profiles/resume for Pangians who are submitting applications for this position, so I can send my referrals. If you would like to update your Pangian profile and link your resume (last field in the profile), I will be happy to review it as well and see if I can help with a referral.

Let me know.

Hi @sripurnawidari thanks for joining in. I will be happy to help.

Based on the requirements of the position, which one is true for you, number 1 or 2 below?

  1. You are qualified but insecure

  2. Not fully qualified therefore feeling insecure. If that’s the case, which requirements are you missing?

Hi Mag!
Sure thing!! I’ll do it first thing in the morning! Thank you!
I did receive an email from WBECS asking to tape a video explaining my motivations for applying to the role and what can I bring to the company. Any tips you can share with me?

Again, thanks for the help!

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@patriciadelvado that’s fantastic!

I would recommend:

  1. Research the company fully and understand the job role (based on the job description) very well - that will help in understanding what skills/expertise/experience you bring to the table and how you can help WBECS the best way in this role

  2. Be authentic, genuine. This is only one person in the world like YOU - be yourself. Share your aha moment or why you love what you do and share how this specific position at WBECS and WBECS as a company is aligned your personal mission in life

  3. Try to make sure that the video is short and concise.

You got this. I’m cheering for you.

@Mag Thank you so much for your tips! I will for sure follow them!
I have already linked my resume on my profile as you suggested.

Thank you!
Have a great day!

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Morning @Mag!!

Hope you are having a great week so far!
Just wondering if you were able to send referrals already for this position?

Thank you!!

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Hi @patriciadelvado, Hope you’re doing well, I have visited your profile and noticed that you have a very strong experience in Business Development. by the way, it would be more attractive to our employers if you can fully complete your Pangian profile :blush:

Here’s the link to Ms @Mag’s profile to serve as your reference

Best of luck :grinning:

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Hi @nelvingonzales!

Thanks for your reply! All is well noted and updated!
Homework done! :smiley:

Have a great day!

Hi @patriciadelvado You’re welcome!

Wishing you the best of luck on landing your dream remote job :grinning:

Hi Mag how do i apply for this? file:///C:/Users/Jed%20Dario/Documents/CV%20JED.pdf

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Hi @jaimedario can you link your Pangian profile (at the end of the profile you can link your resume)

Here is where to apply:

Hi @patriciadelvado yes referral sent! Keep me updated on how it goes.

How did the video recording go? Cheering for you.

Morning @Mag!

Thank you so much!!
Video went. I just had a remote interview just now!
Fingers ccrossed!

Thanks again for all your help!

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@patriciadelvado Fantastic!!! One step closer. You are doing great! Cheering for you!

@patriciadelvado Wow! I hope you’ll be our next success story! Please keep us posted!

Thank you so much for your wishes @nelvingonzales!!
Nothing would make me happier!!
I will keep you on the loop!
Have a great evening!

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