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Hi guys,

First of all I’d like to say that I really enjoy the Pangian community and think it’s a great idea. Since networking is a far more effective way of getting a any kind of job, I consider it a useful tool in my search. That being said, I get quite a few interviews through remote job boards too so I still consider them important.

However, I have to add a criticism/suggestion here. The Pangian remote job board is heavily biased towards USA-based remote jobs. This is despite the philosophy behind the name. While I understand there are a LOT of remote jobs in the USA, for me and I’m pretty sure many other non-USA Pangians, the job board is pretty useless. I would actually consider upgrading to pro except, again, the job leads aren’t for people based in other parts of the world. I tried out FlexJobs once and I think it is a great service, however I ended up asking for my money back because most of the jobs were in the USA therefore rendering the platform basically useless for anyone outside of North America.

There are plenty of remote jobs outside the USA. I wonder, how can we make so that Pangian is inclusive of the entire world in terms of job leads? Bear in mind, I’m not opposed to my next remote role being in the USA - I would just appreciate roles that accept non-US remote workers.

Has anyone else had this problem on an otherwise brilliant remote work platform? Would be great to hear suggestions and how you’ve gotten around it. Personally I’ve signed up to several (small but effective) remote job agencies with an international and/or European focus. I also apply to local companies and then ask about their remote work policy. That’s pretty much how I found my last remote role.

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Hi Liam,

Same here, I am on a job hunt and most of the position I find are US based !!

If someone can help with sharing some information it will be appreciated.




Hi Liam,

I’m finding this to be increasingly true. Despite the name it’s largely for US-based applicants. I’ve paid for pro and it’s the same situation.

I’ll give it another couple of weeks but after that I’ll be cancelling my paid subscription.

Good luck with your search!


Hello Liam,

Same observation. A lot of great opportunities - BUT only if you live anywhere in the US. Pretty much why I didn’t subscribe to the paid version of the service. Would be great to have more non-US leads too.



Hello Liam,

I totally agree that Pangian is very much US-centric. Also I would add one more dimension - there are some remote jobs on the market which are advertised as - Position title, remote in Germany ?! Why someone should care if an employee is in Germany or in Papua-New-Guinee ? It looks like a serious contradiction - same as “remote in Ohio” kind of jobs. Do you agree?


Same situation here I subscribed for Pro but I couldn’t find even one international opportunity I’ll cancel my subscription.

Hi Leo,

I can’t say I agree 100%. “Remote” simply means out of office. There are at least two restrictions/difficulties employers might face by hiring someone in another country:

  • Labor laws could be very different and too much hassle (especially for smaller companies).

  • Time zone is probably one of the biggest issues - which I think is completely understandable. However, this also depends on the type of work you do.

However I agree that the level of restriction is a bit ridiculous. I think the main problem is lack of a centralized platform for non-US jobs (or at least US remote jobs open to global applicants).


I guess the labor laws should not be too restrictive here . It depends of course . But there are always some “payment companies” to arrange the external resource

That is true.

I’ve worked remotely most of my career but have never found a remote job through a job board. However, the best alternative that has worked for me simply includes asking.

At the end of the day, you’re negotiating a contract with your new employer. You’re going to negotiate a certain rate of pay, so negotiating a certain type of work environment should also be on your list.

You need to have a certain amount of confidence, of course. A lot of companies already have some form of remote work policy in place: it just depends on how much you (and they) are willing to compromise.

For me, I simply said that it was the work environment I was used to. I told them I was happy to come into the office sometimes, but needed to be remote most of the time. I am looking for a job right now and use the same tactic - it actually works far better than simply throwing your CV out on remote job sites (though I would still recommend you do that from time to time, you never know).

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" have never found a remote job through a job board."

How have you found remote work ? Just curious.
For me, it has been part of the role from the outset, or else after a while the employer shut the office and we were all remote-based.
This has happened me on and off since 2006.

Hi Raymond,

Like I said, I just applied to companies and asked for a remote setup. If it wasn’t possible or too restrictive, I moved on.

What industry are you in? My partner is a software engineer, so for a lot of his jobs it has been part of the role from the outset as well. I have just always found it to be that little bit more difficult to find something within online marketing (which is nuts).

Hi @liamhennessy, @amiraabdelkader, @audreykissane, @patriciamirasol, @leodenisov, @nguepjopcedric (sorry if I missed anyone). Great to meet you all.

I’m Mag the founder of Pangian and I appreciate this conversation. I am originally from Poland so I definitely understand the challenge of finding a remote job from anywhere in the world. That’s exactly why I created Pangian.

And while it is true that US is leading the way in the availability of remote work - there are still quite a bit of opportunity available to candidates from around the world.

Check out some of our stories:

Gina from Germany working remotely:

Anderson from Brazil working remotely:

Maria Miranda from Venezuela working remotely:

Tha’s exactly why I created Pangian - to create a community and network so we can help each other. Here is what I would recommend:

  1. When you go to Pangian job board look for the category “Anywhere” or “Worldwide”.

  2. Check out list of 80+ Companies Hiring Remotely in 2019, as it outlines which one hire candidates outside of US

  3. Connect with this community to find opportunities. Pangian is not a job board - it’s a network we are creating for people around the world and as you mentioned lots of job opportunities happen that way - so make friends, share what you do. On that note, I recently posted a thread looking for candidates from around the world for one of the jobs - as I was specifically referring candidates to employers.

Pangian represents my biggest vision and mission in life and the goal of empowering every single human being, regardless of geographic location, with economic opportunity. We are just starting and the team is small but as we grow - the number of jobs overall (including for outside of US) will grow and grow.

But for that, we need the entire community to rally behind our mission by taking action every day. Invite your friends. Invite companies that hire remotely.

And the most importantly be here for each other.

Cheers to making friends around the world, helping each other and creating a life of freedom.


Hello Liam,

Thanks for the response.

I am a traditional Unix/Linux Sys Admin with cloud skills. I have been doing this for around 25 years now. My remote working started in 2006 and apart from one period , have been totally or mostly remote since then. I much prefer it to working in an office.

In Sys Admin/DevOps, some companies are fine with remote working , but still a few want you there “just in case”. Companies like that are usually not good places to work in for other reasons. Those are probably the same type of companies which don’t like remote online marketers. It is a mindset which is outmoded and which hurts businesses who hold it.


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Hi Mag and everyone else on this conversation!

My name is Mugeni and I am a Customer Support Agent.

Mag, thank you for taking the time to clarify and explain why majority of the jobs are ‘US Remote’. Like most contributors here, I was getting disillusioned with clicking on jobs only to discover it is only for US based applicants but will not give up.

I am in complete agreement that the most important thing is to connect and “be here for each other”. Let us share links and information about opportunities with each other.

Aluta Continua

Hi Raymond,

Ah yes, that makes sense. I know people who work in DevOps and SysAdmin and it seems very much the case. Their companies actually don’t sound very much like places anyone would want to work, either. Unless they enjoyed being burned out.

You’re probably right with regards to online marketing, I am glad that my instincts have helped me avoid those companies for the most part.

The mindset is very outmoded, but I guess it’s about finding workarounds. As tedious as it can be.

Hi Mag,

Thanks very much for responding.

Pangian is one of the few active communities specifically geared at remote workers (not digital nomads) that I’ve found. I really like the direction it is going in.

The 80+ Companies Hiring Remotely in 2019 is a great resource – thanks for that! I always keep a list of companies who hire remotely and apply directly when I get the chance. I think everyone here should do the same.

I have also mentioned in another thread (possibly on this one too…) that it’s worth trying out local companies and seeing if they allow remote/flexible working. That’s actually worked for me several times.

“But for that, we need the entire community to rally behind our mission by taking action every day. Invite your friends. Invite companies that hire remotely.”

This is something I’d like to get behind. However, I’m not entirely sure how to start doing it. Do you have any further actionable steps that any of us could take to boost other remote (friendly) companies’ awareness of the Pangian community and the active talent here? And even a step further – contacting and/or engaging with other companies who hire remotely but who may not think to look at communities like this one? I’d be more than willing to help out.



I suspect that it is due to tax reasons…

I totally agree with Liam,
I joined Pangian yesterday and already feeling disappointed to see that most of the jobs are open for US-based candidates. I have studied and worked in the US and returned to my home country. I am a content strategist, marketer, and writer with an MBA (from an AACSB credited university) and follow SEO best practices while working on a piece of content. Yet, I am struggling to get a remote job for US clients.

I really don’t think tax is the issue. In India, it’s my responsibility to pay the tax after I receive any income-domestic or international. My foreign employer needs to transfer salary and their responsibility gets over from that point. The employer doesn’t even need to provide 401k, health insurance benefits, etc.

Work authorization is also not an issue because anyone can work as a remote employee for the US-based companies. You need work authorization (H1b) only if you are residing in the US.


I’ve noticed this too. I was just about to purchase the Pro Membership but I don’t think it would be very beneficial as I’m not based in the US, which is unfortunate!

Kind Regards,


I didn’t want to comment in this thread before, but I think I have to share my experience as well.
I managed to get a couple of remote jobs via Flexjob and other job boards after my 1year of a continuous attempt of their rigorous assessment (each) and a couple of certifications.

I was happy that I finally got in but only for me to find out about their unfavorable, so-called “KPI” system which was a deliberate act to make their employees underperform so that you don’t get to claim the promised juicy benefits stated in the employment letter.

Employees were constantly being kicked out (especially if you are not USA based).
I managed to keep up with the KPI system of my last employer until the COVID-19 outbreak when some of none USA based employees got kicked out in March, and I was affected too.

I have also discovered that most of these over-hyped constantly recruiting companies by almost all the job boards also adopt the same policies which I’d refer to as a “use and dump policy”.
That’s why you see a company reposting the same position over and over again just within a couple of weeks/months.

It is even so unfortunate that most of the big gigs that have been major beneficiaries of the Covid-19 pandemic are not also employing. (talking about the ISP’s, video conferencing and web hosting companies).

Well, as for Pangian, at least am enjoying the community 'course I think it’s the only job board with a vibrant community and am sure if Pangian has to post any job vacancy, it will also be forced to lean towards employing USA based applicants due to the huge number of people that would apply.

We can only hope for a better tomorrow and this hope for a better tomorrow is also being cut short by the high rate of automation and AI systems constantly deployed.