Pangian Collab - Looking for Cofounder? Want to interview someone for a blog or podcast? It's time to join forces

Pangain Collab! Hi awesome Pangians. Did you know that most opportunities happen through networking and collaboration? With over 70,000 Pangians in 121 countries - your next opportunity can be a click away.

So are looking for a co-founder for your startup?

Want to interview someone for a blog or podcast?

Want to travel the world and looking for a travel buddy?

If yes, post below, drop a picture or a video and let’s make this happen!

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@glennmcgrewii here is our new Pangian Collab thread (if you are looking for a cofounder) this could be a great opportunity.

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Mag !

I am very very very interested in the propostion :slight_smile:

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Cool. This is a general topic that we created for all Pangians to connect with each other. If you are looking for any of the above (in my main post) - please share anytime. Cheers!

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check this @glennmcgrewii :open_mouth:

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If there are ANY questions that are not about confidential things, I will be happy to answer them!

Pendaki, LLC, has an opening for a co-founder who is a talented web dev/des. The industry, generally, is SaaS. What the specific focus will be will depend on what we, as founders, decide. The current list includes communications, non-profit, financial or careers, although we will not START with the careers concept as it requires a great deal of money for research just to make the MVP.

Salary: We are at the VERY beginning, so I am afraid I cannot guarantee any salary at this time; it’s sweat equity for all of us.

Timezones/location: I have a small global team and thus have no specific timezone preferences at this time, nor are we concerned with which country or continent you’re on, but you need to live on Earth. :wink:

Passport/work permit: We’re not employing you to work in one of our countries, so you don’t need a work permit, nor will you need a passport…until you come to visit :slight_smile: Thus, taxes on any income you eventually get will be your responsibility, not ours.

Language: Fairly fluent in spoken and written English (although each of us speaks at least one more language).

Contact me: here or FB. If you just have “I’m not sure, but I’m curious” questions, put them in the comments. If you’re serious, PM me your contact info so we can talk. Be prepared for video calls (Skype, FB, WhatsApp, etc.).

We’re looking at different concepts for an MVP (probably an SPA). We plan on building a PWA, most likely in React or Vue for the front end, but our front-end person had to quit because of a prior project that he has to update to the specs of the purchaser. Great for him!, but now we need someone else. Our backend will use PHP.

You’ll need to sign our NDA and provide a photo ID before we can reveal our list of concepts, but you’ll be coming in as a co-founder (if you are interested after seeing the choices) and will help to define the partnership agreement, including division of equity, IP, structure and everything else. As a partner, you’ll take on more than just programming - all of us will do multiple things - so people with business skills as well will be preferred over pure programmers.

If, after signing the NDA and reviewing the concepts and company, you feel that you aren’t really interested (a MUST), the concepts suck, your programming skills aren’t up to the challenge, etc. then you’re free to tell us that and leave.


  • are adept at front-end design AND development, so you’re proficient HTML, CSS, JS, plus very skilled at React and/or Vue. If you feel there is a different language or framework that better suits the needs of the project, you’re welcome to recommend them, but be prepared to explain and defend your choice. You should be able to make an attractive interface.
  • Bonus if you also know back-end, database management, DevOps, PM, etc. We are using the 10 combined principles of Agile, Lean and DT, and our workflow will be Kanban. We’re set up on GitLab for dev, and Samepage (moving from Discord) for comms and more.
  • Bonus if you have additional areas of expertise, such as law, marketing, finance, graphic design, etc.
  • are a skilled and routine communicator. Poor communication is something I’ve seen negatively impact many companies, so you have to be willing and able to do a good job since you’ll be in a leadership role. It’s critical that you share your thoughts but don’t behave like a troll or a bully.
  • can work well alone (since you’ll telecommute) but with others, too, mentor and lead others. No giant egos or hotheads need apply, so if you behave like Gordon Ramsey, don’t bother.
  • have a strong work ethic, and are reliable, mature, emotionally stable and trustworthy. We’re not working at a fast pace, but your level of involvement will impact your equity. You need to be honest and committed. If you say you’ll do something, get it done. If you have questions about our culture, etc. let me know.
  • are tolerant of other cultures, religions, age, biological gender, etc. We are diverse and will not tolerate discrimination… To put it a different way: when I look at you, I see a human, and not what your ethnicity or physical appearance is. You are “purple” (or green, if you prefer). The only exceptions to this rule are people who are intolerant or abusive, such as members of ISIS, Scientology, Satanism, hardline fanatics, bullies, militant [insert label], etc. A positive, constructive environment is very important to us.

If you are an older person, but have the talents and skills we seek, please apply. I’m 52 and I understand the value of experience.

If you need mentoring or help learning something, please let us know up front what you might need help with. We will do what we can to help you learn and grow. In addition, I’m available if you need advice on a wide variety of topics.

If someone points out something missing from this, I’ll endeavor to add it.

@Mag May I suggest that it might be best to add a category (label) for this topic? I think that’ll be easier than one thread that will disappear down the list if not used often…

Hi there!! I would love to speak with any experts in the field of Learning Disabilities in the Workplace! I am coordinating a Virtual Summit coming up soon and looking for speakers. Please let me know if you are interested!

Be well,


Let’s Connect!

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how is the summit coming along. Hope plans still in top gear.
Sorry am not an expert in this field, but just to encourage you to continue the good work.

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