Political Jobs, Customer Service, and Hobbies!

Hello Pangians!

My name is Gwyneth Johansen. I live in New York City and am very happy to meet all of you! I am currently searching for a remote job in customer service and/or political campaign work. I have a lengthy background in customer service and have recently completed a campaign cycle as an organizer for Turn PA Blue. I have also been a SuperVol with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress since before the primary in June. I’d love to get connected with folks on here for many reasons, but also to spread my wings a bit and find a new job. I’d love to speak with you all about that, but also about our hobbies and interests, too! I hope that you are having a wonderful New Year’s Eve and cheers to a fabulous 2021!

Really hard to find a good Remotely Working Job with suitable pay.