Procurement Manager

Hello, Pangain community!

:wave: Are you in search of a top-notch procurement manager for your remote team? Look no further!

:briefcase: Iโ€™m Erekle Mskhiladze, a highly skilled procurement manager based in Tbilisi, Georgia, actively seeking exciting remote job opportunities in procurement.

:earth_africa: With a solid track record of 9 years, I have successfully managed procurement operations for Orienti LTD, specializing in supplying governmental organizations. #ProcurementExpert #RemoteWork

:sparkles: Throughout my career, I have handled diverse projects spanning substation equipment, road paints, gas chromatographs, gym/sport equipment, chemicals, road salt, gas odorants, spectrophotometers, agricultural equipment, and 3D scanners/printers. #ProjectManagementPro #GlobalSourcing

:handshake: I have forged strong relationships with global manufacturers across China, India, Turkey, and Europe, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient supplier management. #SupplierNetwork #GlobalSourcingPro

:white_check_mark: My meticulous approach ensures impeccable tender preparation, skillful supplier negotiations, smooth logistics coordination, and unwavering compliance with project requirements. #TenderPreparation #LogisticsExpert

:muscle: Known for my commitment to excellence, I consistently deliver projects on time and foster long-term partnerships that yield favorable conditions. #ProjectDeliveryPro #PartnershipBuilding

:mag: Equipped with exceptional research skills, I excel in identifying new products and manufacturers that perfectly align with specific project requirements. #MarketResearchWhiz #ProductSourcingPro

:envelope_with_arrow: If youโ€™re seeking a results-oriented procurement manager for your remote team or simply wish to connect, I invite you to reach out. Letโ€™s explore how we can collaborate to drive success! #RemoteProcurementOpportunities #Networking

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration!

Best regards,
Erekle Mskhiladze