Productivity Hacks

What are your best tips for productivity?



So funny because somebody just posted this blog on our Pangian wall -


Motivation and concentration tips

Motivation and Environment

  1. Do you want to burst with energy and motivation? Watch this video and it should do the trick!
  2. To stay motivated you should delete any negative groups you are apart of and join groups like Goalcast. (I highly recommend Goalcast.) They will come up on your Facebook and keep feeding you positiveness and inspiration.
    Here is a sample of what goalcast can offer.
  3. Search and book mark personal motivational websites into your browser and use it for a pick me up when needed. Here is general starter. I know the website below isn’t personalized but if there is something personal like a certain look you want to go for, or a destination you want to go to, or some kind of goal you want to achieve, make sure you bookmark it, add it to the folder/list and look, watch it or read it, whenever you need to help keep you focused.

Keep out Distractions

  1. Are you trying to study, or sleep so that you can accomplish goals to the fullest the next day? P.S. Don’t forget to eat correctly. :wink: Make sure you have a nice quite room. Here is a tip to try and reduce noise in your room or home.
  2. It’s important to stay informed in what is going on in the world especially if you plan to travel internationally, but don’t let false media scare or kill your mood. Here is a chart to help you figure out what news to watch.
  3. Do you have a headache or pain. Here is something you can try right away to try and alleviate it and requires no money or medicine. (I personally haven’t tried these methods but would love to try them. Let me know if anyone has tried it.)

Final thought to help you get motivated:

  1. If none of the above helped then here is my last resort in helping you to get you to where you want to be. It is definitely a classic video circulating around on youtube. :wink:

This is 2awesome @katherinelangley! I love all the tips! I will be using them my self!

Feel free to share more tips as you come across them! :smile:

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Here is a great article with great tools to help stay focus online!


What a coincidence! Thanks for sharing Mag. That was a great read.

Definitely agree with the part that says, “Another 86 percent said that working alone allows them to hit maximum productivity.” That is so true for me. If I can use my office space in solitude early in the morning, I’m basically unstoppable. When there are other people around me working, I get distracted by what they’re doing (or not doing). LOL :sweat_smile:

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Ooooooh this is AMAZING! I’m definitely going to install the Mindful Browsing extension into my chrome browser. All those apps seem so useful. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Katherine, those are some INCREDIBLE tips! Seriously, I think you’re onto something here. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going back through my groups to get rid of the negative energy.


My new hack - SINGLE-TASKING. No more multi-tasking. I do only one task at the time. Because there are not distractions - I get it done faster than ever


That makes a lot of sense, if you are focused on one activity you will do it better and faster!


Exactly. That way the task is actually finished pretty quickly and the sense of satisfaction that comes with it creates more energy to do something else. It’s my secret weapon.


I just got one more. Lately I stopped using my calendar or task manager on my computer…as I find that every time I check my tasks for the day, I get distracted with another new tab. Instead, I am using a paper notepad next to my computer and list only top 3 assignments for the day. One I finished one, I cross it out and move on the the second on. The piece of paper is empty otherwise so no distractions :slight_smile:


The best post ever! Busy people multitask. Productive people focus.


I found this great article about how a change in location can boost your productivity. Enjoy!

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Interesting @Rick.

For me I think I rather one place but I definitely need to take breaks, walk away from the computer, work out or do something fun and then come back again so I can focus and get productive.

Do you like to change location for productivity?

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I love to change locations! is the best, you always have a different view, different people, different air. Is the best! The only challenging part is that I like using a big monitor and that is not available everywhere.

So far I have 2 great location (with monitor) one is my home office and the other one is a co-working space. But most of the times I work from my laptop anywhere. :smiley:

Hi all! nice to find interesting articles :slight_smile:

thanks to @kathherinelangley for the tips and also I agree with @Rick, sometimes change location refresh your mind, just to go to a coffee shop for a couple of hours is the best.


@martinvera and @Rick I guess I will be trying change of location this week. I’ve been working from home all week and definitely feel that I need to hangout out and get new boost of energy.

Heading to coworking space tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Yeah, multitasking days are over… but it is quite a challenge to remove distractions, especially our work involves computer, mobile phone and internet. hehehe

Thanks for all your tips. :slight_smile:

I do love to add automation apps in my workflow to boost productivity.

Apps like: Text Expanders, Phrase Express, etc…


This sounds really cool I have never heard of these apps. For automation I only heard of IFTTT and Zapier. If you have any cool tools feel free to share them here and include links if you can!

Thanks for sharing!


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