Remote Work and Preparing Oneself

Hi Everyone,
I am sharing information that I found. I have been looking for remote work for last say 6 weeks. I am now looking at both working in an office and remote as things are getting tight. I recently interviewed with a young start-up that I really thought was creating a good concept and was eager to join the team as I was very familiar with what they were building. I did not get the position and was definitely disappointed but I re-learned something else; Just because you are in need of a job… do not stop the interview process for yourself. Pay attention to the team and how they answer questions back to you, especially in start-up environments. I have worked in many start-up environments that had extreme legacy systems so I am very aware of how chaotic things can be… but the number one thing is communication. Putting that in your job description, testing someones skills in an assessment, and then failing to understand how to actually interview a candidate was definitely a - aha moment. An interview should consist of also learning something else about the candidate that you did not see on paper and some times that takes wisdom and practice to develop. That is something something that I feel all of us should also be aware of… interview and pay attention to them as well as. Everyone needs a job, as I certainly do… but I also feel looking at everything is imperative. I asked if the last prospect would share their reasoning for their decision and as I stated above. I was spot on in my assessment. I really wanted this job but it is also clear to me that their would have been a communication break down at some point as transparency on all levels is key. It’s not just trust …it’s also walking that walk of being clear in what you want as well . I also wanted to share a great resource: through your local library. It’s the same system on
Linkedin, but you are paying for it.In NY we have loyalty key rings and digital library cards with a UPC code on the back. Using the library as my connection to, I was able to prepare my self for taking an assessment exam and also learn more about Customer Success Manager position from it’s operational calculations. They are pretty straight forward but in the trainings, you learn key issues and other factors.It’snot edged in gold as you need to access your companies needs but it is helpful to see where the breakdowns could be. It also reassured me that this was the area I wanted to be in based on where I am now in my future goals. had a world of free courses and again free though the library… There are several other free courses you can obtain… but I wanted to share this.