Remote work in Europe

Hi all, I hope everyone’s keeping happy and healthy.
Question: I see that for a lot of offers on here you must be allowed to work or be based in the US. I am European and live in Europe but wouldn’t mind working for an organization located outside Europe. What is your experience in this sense? Do you think it is easier to find a gig in your own country/continent?
I have 10+ years experience in marketing, advertising, project management at international level and worked nearly 2 years as a home based translator/proofreader.
As I am completely new, any help/advice would be appreciated!
Thank you.

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Hello @monica.wnp
Yes, you are right, most of the jobs here require you must have a working permit in the said remote location. Only very few are actually 100% remote.

I think doesn’t really matter whether local or international because you will still have to compete with other experienced applicants. Most of the big Gig companies that are actually 100% remote will only hire 1% or even 0.5% out of say over 20,000 applicants. I had worked for a few and the bitter truth is that they end up leaving you more devastated when you are laid off.

But I’m hopeful that with the new trend, we will be seeing more of 100% remote companies that will hire at least 10% out of the over 20,000 applicants.

So my advice is while you are at it, continue to acquire more skills/experience and start thinking of starting up your own business one day.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes, most remote jobs in Pangian are located in the USA, but still, there are still jobs available that are located in Europe or tagged as Anywhere.

Yes, there is a real difficulty in finding a remote job, so you better utilize all the possible leads.

I agree with @o.bunmi60 , acquire more skills / experience that will help you more qualified for a remote job.