Remote Work Job Search Queries not available.?

To others seeking remote work. I hope this strikes up some discussion !

Is it just me or are there no online job search services that allow essential WFH and WFA details to be queried in any meaningful way remote job searches come back with no useful results.

Here are some BASIC queries that are needed for WFH and WHA jobs:
( im willing to start a job search site if enough people are interested )

To search for the appropriate remote jobs one is looking for , you need …
-1- Ability to filter jobs by WFH - Country of state regional limitations
-2- Ability to distinguish between Partially remote jobs, temporary Remote until COVID ends , WFH , WFA , and jobs that require travel, therefore are geographically limited remote roles which need to include were travel is required.
-3- Any Remote job listing must list - technical requirements candidates need to work - having a PC, internet, smart Phone, and the time zone of work.
this one amazes me how many jobs are listed as remote but have no timezone !
-4- A way to upload a candidates job preferences to allow recruiters to know you are available for a specific type of remote opportunity.

Can someone please tell me if they Pangian or any other sites can support this simple query task?

Thank you for any suggestions !

It seems like job search websites have added the word “remote” to jobs searches capabilities, but don’t seem to have a good understanding what the differences are between on-site and a remote job.

i suggest those not well-versed in “Remote” or " Work From Anywhere", can start by reviewing the term “Digital Nomad”.

Amazing. I’d have thought there would be quite a few responses. I have to say I expected more options in “worldwide” too. “Remote” seems to mean different things to different companies. Haven’t been able to find anything with the expectation of being completely remote and I’m not only looking on Pangian. Sad. I had really thought that they would have been more helpful for international work. Wondering now if the site is purged frequently of the jobs that have been taken, because we know that this is not necessarily the case for job boards in general. :frowning: Wish I knew someone who actually got work through this site…

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I agree with your statement.

Remote jobs avail