Remote Work & Travel - Hacks and Discounts

Hi awesome Pangians!!!

As I’m planning my 2020 work and adventures I realized that most of the amazing things I’ve accomplish is because of great discounts, deals, and life hacks. That mindset of resourcefulness allowed me to travel over 50 countries on 6 continents (even when I was just a student working at a burger shop).

So I would love to start a thread where we can share the best remote work and travel hacks, money-saving tips and any discounts you may have.

With that here are my quick tips for today:

  • One of the best ways to get a job is to upgrade your skillset with training. If you are a writer, here is a list of top 30 training resources (many of them Free or low cost)

Share your coupons, discount and remote work / travel hacks below.

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Happy New Year to all , wishing everyone much success!

I am still trying hard for a remote job, I need one sooner than later, as I am unemployed. It’s going to happen in this year!

Anyway I love to travel as well and have been able to travel all over the US, Canada and now Europe on a shoestring budget! I also use cheapoair, cheaptickets, getyourguide( for tours) hotwirie, and google flights . These are the sites I used for my recent trip to Italy and Switzerland.

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I found that if you use travel sites (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) and tack on 1 or more night/s of a hotel stay (even if you choose not to use it), it lowers the cost of the entire. For example, I am going to Europe in Feb. 2020. My flight for 4 days is $1000. I added a hotel for 2 nights, and it lowered the cost of the trip to $800.

Also, if you can be flexible with dates, leaving on a Sun, opposed to Sat lowers airfare.

Happy and Safe Travels

Hi @valeriehansen I wish you’ll get a remote job very soon! Please visit our Pangian Job Board regularly!

@terriburkhart Hello! Thanks for sharing! Let’s spread the goodness of travel while working!