Senior Level Business Development and Sales Professional Seeking Remote Employment

Hello fellow Pangians!

I am a results-driven leader with over 10 years of experience in Business Development and Growth Strategy focused on leading cross-functional teams, increasing profitability, and improving customer satisfaction. After working remotely for the past decade across 62 countries and within all 50 states, I am looking to transition companies and seeking any insights or tips from other Digital Nomads who may have awareness of opportunities within your own networks. I have Sr. Director level experience in Corporate Healthcare, an MBA in Marketing/Negotiations, and have worked on over a dozen start-ups.

I would enjoy connecting with any of you whether you have any tips or just want to network and share what you’re working on. I reside part time in Washington, DC and travel internationally most of the year.

Warm wishes to each of you!



Hi Jessica, thanks for your post. Your background seems super interesting. I joined Panigans to learn more about remote jobs.
It seem like you have been very successful building a career working remotely. Would you be willing to share some ideas or strategies for people who are just in the beginning of building a remote career.

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Great to meet you Ace!

I find that most veteran digital nomads have worked in various roles that historically required employees to travel for clients and has allowed us to work from anywhere going into the digital future with nearly Universal access to wifi around the world. The other side of that is tech experts have no need to be in a typical office and it saves the company money by allowing them to telecommute from home. It’s exciting to watch the world catch up to employee needs.

Numerous nomads in my travel circle have found a speciality niche which has allowed them to leverage their companies dependence on them in exchange for permission to have flexibility with their physical location. For myself, I was never a subject matter expert in any one thing so this was not the case. I have a background in management consulting and I never worked from any one office. Therefore, I was raised in a professional environment where I was expected to either travel to a client site by plane or be available 24/7 to my laptop. I was always okay with that so long as I wasn’t restricted as to where I lived. My best advice is build a speciality and leverage that in exchange for your freedom. Arguably, remote employees work longer hours and harder than their desk counterparts because we are constantly trying to prove our worth via e-communication. Superiors also know that because of our lifestyle, we are always accessible to work so being available to your employer more often than your office counterparts is a good way to build trust in your dedication to the role.

Being remote is a beautiful gift and those that joke about abusing it by grocery shopping mid afternoon, have likely never been in a high level remote role. It’s not A-typical for me to be on calls from 5AM-8PM missing lunch, showers, evening plans, etc. I am grateful for timezone differences so in many places in the world I’m working over night so I have a few hours to explore or enjoy the city Im living in that month while my coworkers are dreaming on the opposite side of the world.

The biggest challenge I am finding is transitioning from one Leadership level remote role to the next because it takes time to build trust and assurance that you will do your job and manage your team remotely. This is a challenge I currently am working to resolve and would love any insights from Pangians if any of you have wisdom to bestow on me here.