Senior Vue Developer is looking for work

Hello, My name is chris and I am a senior web front end developer. Now I am looking for Vue/Nuxt/Quasar web front end dev work. My stack is as follows:

  • Frontend Development View
    VueJS, Vue 2, Vue-CLI, Nuxt.js, Quasar, Gridsome, VueXORM, VueXSAX, TailwindCSS, Vuetify

  • Ecommerce Development
    Shopify, BigCommerce, Liquid

  • AngularJS, Angular2+, React Frontend Development
    AngularJS, Angular2+, React, Gatsby, Next.js, Redux, Saga/Thunk, React-Material-UI, React-Bootstrap, React-Apollo, GraphQL, React Native

  • Firebase Development/Deployment
    Firebase Authentication, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Could Store, Firebase Cloud functions, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Hosting, Firebase-CLI

  • Amazon Web Service Development/Deployment
    AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS CLI


Hi @christophersaburo!

Welcome to the community! Make sure you interact with other users and feel free to post and share your services as a Vue developer in the conversations.

We have seen a lot of people getting hired just from interacting and helping others as well as providing feedback.

I also know that @Mag can help by sharing the best channels for you you share your skills! :smile: #remote-work

Make sure that you also post your information here #remote-work and use the #remotework tag. :smiley:

Hi @christophersaburo welcome to Pangian remote tribe. I’m Mag, I’m the founder of Pangian and the lead recruiter for employers in the network. I just sent you a friend request - let’s connect!

Also - Japan is so on my list of amazing places to visit :slight_smile: