Starting from scratch

Hi everyone

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on if and how I can start a life as a digital Nomad. I have worked in a laboratory for the last six years (as a PhD fellow on biological science) but I quit my job. I have not interest in science or doing that kind of work anymore. I have always wanted to travel and have certain independence. The thing is, all remote work I have seen requires experience in the field. No matter which one (virtual assistant, marketing, data analyst, etc). I am not a developer, or a graphic designer or anyof that… so I’m really complicated, ain’t I?

I’m all ears… Or eyes.

Thank you



Hi @Maryclaire! I am so so glad you are reaching out to us here in our remote community. :heart:
It is great to hear that you are looking to emerge in the remote workforce/digital nomad lifestyle.

If you’re having some trouble knowing where to begin, I highly suggest you watch a couple of @Mag’s YouTube webinars on the Pangian youtube channel. Here is the link so you can take a look:

There are amazing webinars on How to get Started if you never worked remotely, how to switch industries, resume/application secrets, and more. You’ll definitely get some valuable insight into the lifestyle! :blush:

Hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else you need.


Hi Stevie!

Thank you for your reply and the tips. I watched the videos, they are very interesting. But I have to be honest and it still seems a little bit utopic to me. I had already done many of the things she proposed and they are really good tips, only they are not working for me lately. I live in Argentina and everything is so complicated here. Travel seems impossible (no job and the currency exchange rates 1 usd = 38 pesos argentinos). So online paid courses are also expensive to all of us.

I think I made the right choice by leaving my previous job but it’s gettin harder than I thought. I will keep trying anyway. I always do.



You’ve gotta inject some positivity.

I’m from Kenya and it’s $1 = Kes 100 so you’ve got it good in Argentina. There must be travel hacks where you are. Start by going across your borders or transversing your country. Also longer flights with more connections are cheaper most times. Or go halfway by bus, then flight. Look out for what’s possible.

In one of the videos @Mag says we look at what’s within your control.

Start by looking at what interests you. If it’s being a VA, look at what they actually do. What skill do you currently have or what can you easily and quickly learn?

Internships are the easiest way to learn a skill or polish what you have.

Also check out some of the paid courses. Some offer a test drive and that’s how I started off with a 1-month $30 test drive that gave me access to all I wanted to know about copywriting.

Assess your interests and skills first. What is it that you love doing? Hobbies can also translate into a job you love.

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Hi @Maryclaire

So sorry about what you are going through right now, I know it’s really difficult trying to start from scratch but I’ll like to encourage you not to give up trying and I must tell you, your situation is still far better than some other people (especially in Africa).

As @wanguigachagua mentioned, $1 = Kes100 in Kenya, but in Nigeria $1 = N405.
We virtually provide everything by ourselves in Nigeria due to bad governance, can you imagine a situation where you do not have security, power, water, job, health care, and poor internet services with high rate of inflation? If I did not give up then, I encourage you not to pls.

Look inwards and try to identify any skill you have that you can build upon, then you check out some sites that offer free online courses related to your desired field and enroll yourself.
you can check out this sites below:

But I strongly recommend Coursera, cos you can apply for financial aid and get approved within 2weeks.

So since you are starting from scratch, you need to add value to yourself first, at least get enrolled in some certification courses you can finish within 3-6months or better still you can consider the free Google Analytics and Adwords Certification you can complete these two within 1month. (

Another idea is if you can tutor college students on science topics, then you can signup on Youtube, pick up a topic to teach, upload your videos, render some helps and you never can tell, you might find some parents that would engage you as a personal online tutor for their kids during this lockdown period.

Most companies are laying off staff now due to the effect of the COVID-19, I lost my job in early March too and my over 20yrs working experience is yet to fetch me another job.

We are all in this together and we have to one way or the other encourage one another.

Feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.