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What is Tableau Course: Syllabus, Fee, Eligibility, Salary
Tableau is an evolving and highly well-known data visualization tool that is greatly in-demand in the industry. Tableau helps companies transform their raw data into an understandable and comprehensive format without having the need of knowing any technical or programming knowledge.
Businesses generate a lot of data every day. These large amounts of data require to be processed. This is where tools like Tableau come into picture. Tableau is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and interactive tool that allows one to analyze data and get better insights. To understand what Tableau tool is all about, it is important to know the basics of Tableau which is a crucial part of this course.

About Tableau Course?
The Tableau Certification Course is an academic program of 32 hours planned by Henry Harvin. The Tableau Certification course aims to make students and data scientists ready with the skills required to use tableau tools for analyzing data in real life business scenarios.
Students from Tableau certification course are taught to master the Tableau Desktop, get a complete data visualization that can be used globally, how to use a business intelligence tool, analyze data and very effectively communicate the findings to business shareholders. Tableau is a very easy tool to understand and is a powerful data visualization tool.

Why do a Tableau course?
If one is planning their career as a Data scientist, one is required to master at least one Data Visualization tool. A Tableau certification course is very useful to do. It aims to acquaint aspirants on how to generate powerful storylines, make effective presentations, create extremely interactive dashboards, create any type of charts with ease, implement advanced mapping techniques, understand KPIs, know how table calculations work and understand the importance of data visualization.
The candidate needs to be well versed with Business Analytics, should have good knowledge of reporting and exposure to concepts and models related to data sciences for getting advanced level Tableau roles. Tableau Certification Course provides students with a competitive edge over other candidates. This means better job opportunities, higher salaries along with job security.

The good news is that there is no prerequisite required to learn the Tableau software. Even a non- technical individual who has no technical background and zero programming knowledge can easily learn and master this tool.
Enrolling for Tableau
Signing up for a Tableau certification course is easy. One can visit the chosen institute in person and register for the course. If one wants to register online, they can also visit the institute’s website, choose a suitable batch and then register on-line for the course by paying the desired course fee.
Institutes Offering Tableau
Some of the prominent institutes that offer Tableau certification courses in India are
-Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is counted amongst the top ranked educational institutes to pursue a Tableau certification course from India. Find below some important topics covered in this course

Introduction to data visualization and power of tableau
Comparison and Advantages, Real case scenarios from different business domains, How to Install Tableau, Tableau interface, Tableau data types, Connecting to Data Source, Data preparation

Tableau Architecture
Desktop Architecture, Installation, and Interface of Tableau, How to begin with Tableau, Sharing and Exporting tasks done in Tableau

Metadata and blending of data
Data extraction, Data Blending, Uses of metadata and extracts, Management of the Metadata, Preparation of Data, Unions and Joins, Dealing with NULL Values, Cross- database joining,

Creation of sets
Creating and editing sets

Working with filters
Creating folders, Sorting and Filtering in Tableau, Types of sorting, Types of filters

Organizing data and visual analytics
Learn about Organizing Data and Visual Analytics , Use of Formatting Pane, Formatting data using labels, K-means cluster analysis

Work on mapping preview
Learn about Mapping Previews and Creating Maps

Calculations and expressions
Calculation of functions and syntaxes in Tableau

Work on parameter previews
Create parameters, Using Parameters with calculations, Use of Parameters in calculated fields, filter sessions and in reference line.

Graphs and charts
Learning how to generate different Charts and Graphs

Stories and Dashboard
Build and format stories, finest practices for constructing creative dashboard, creating stories, updating URL actions, kinds of Joins, Tableau field forms, publishing data source, difference between Live and Extract connection.

Tableau Prep
Introduction to Tableau Prep, Data preparation, Integrating Tableau Prep

Integration of Tableau with Hadoop and R
Learn Tableau with Hadoop and R

Career & Salary
Data is multiplying every day and to visualize this data companies require a dynamic tool like Tableau. The Minimum expectation of any candidate is that they have good SQL skills and database knowledge. Also a strong practical knowledge on Tableau helps.A Tableau certification course helps aspirants to advance their career in the field of analytics and make them get job-ready.
Tableau software professionals and other specialists in this field are amongst the highest paid professionals in the data analytics department. Due to the high demand of these professionals, they end up receiving high remunerations for their job.
In India, a tableau developer can earn an average salary anywhere between Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 900,000 per annum based on their experience.
If candidates bring with them the right technical skills, becoming a Tableau Certified professional will add a substantial boost to their salary, help them ace interviews, and raise their career prospects.

The Tableau job market is currently really good and having experience exclusively on Tableau will benefit aspirants by getting them entry into the corporate world. Tableau primarily works on processing data. Therefore, it is continually good to know a few additional tools and technology along with Tableau to land a decent job opportunity.


This course exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. I truly learnt how to utilise tableau, and the research and presentation ideas were quite helpful. The lecturers were upbeat and dedicated. Thank you very much!

This course gives you a good introduction of the many techniques and concepts that are used. I am confident that if the theory was supported by practical tasks, the knowledge would stick in the students’ minds better. Thank you very much.

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