The Best Places for Digital Nomads and Working Remotely

Hi Pangians! @SummerPaulus on our team just put together a great list of The 10 Best Places for Digital Nomads and Working Remotely. We created it in collaboration with our Pangian community but want to keep it up to date.

We would love your feedback! What are the best places you found? What do you like about them? Comment below and let us know if you would like to be featured in our blog


@Rick what’s your fav? I’m in between Bali and Lisbon, Portugal…

I have lived in Chiang Mai a few months before. Visiting Ubud at the end of October for a short week.

Currently living in Penang, Malaysia and definitely love it here. Malaysia is underrated guys! I am sure more will want to come here after Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia have been saturated with digital nomads lol.