The Struggle - Remote Job Hunt


Hi Mag! I’ve been searching for a while and I’m starting to feel defeated. My finances aren’t in the best place and I’m considering giving up on my remote deam. Do you have any advice?


If I may interject, I would suggest that you find a “regular” job so you have money coming in, and continue your search. Getting a remote job is not so easy…


Thanks Glenn! I will take your advice!

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Hi Alicia - sorry to hear that. There is no doubt that remote job market is super competitive as you are competing with candidates from entire country or even the world.

I would say that if your finances are suffering, maybe start with an office job to make sure you are financially comfortable and as you get to the required comfort level, begin analyzing the process as well as resume requirements and cover letter requirements for remote jobs, update both and begin applying for remote jobs while having an office job>

Check out our Pangian Remote Academy as we have ton of resources there to help with all step in the process (free videos, blog posts with insider tips from Pangians who already landed remote jobs and webinars I host) Here is the link:

Hope that helps. You can do it. I am cheering for you.

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Very helpful advice. Thank you!

I understand the struggle. I have tried to obtain remote work for years. I refuse to give up. My biggest problem is the scammers or those who do not read your resume when you say I GO TO SCHOOL TWO DAYS A WEEK. I am in college full time. I say don’t give up. Yeah it is extremely hard to find remote work but do you know what is harder than that? To find employees who actually want to work. I have seen a decline in ethics and respect in my life. I have also seen a decline in professionalism. So, stay up to date and do what you have to do to provide for yourself but never give up on a dream. Me, I can not afford to go to work outside of remote. In order to make a decent wage around here you have to physically work like a dog or drive a kazillion miles. Hang in there!

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Hello Alicia,

I do not know for how long you have been in the search, I can feel it. I am in the place, going to a desperate point.
All I can say is, do not give up!, keep looking, everyday is a new day, a new chance, we never know.


Hello @aliciamitchell
More encouragement from me too, do not give up the search.

I do not know your field, but if you would consider online tutoring, there seems to be an increased demand for online tutors now especially during this lockdown period.

If you are a lover of kids and since you are in America, it will be much easier for you to get an online teaching job at least, while still searching for the big catch.

You can enroll for some free teaching certification if needs be.

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That’s not a bad idea. Thanks for the advice!

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I’m glad and will be happy to help further;
you can check out these links below which I researched for you:



There are a lot of esl job scam out there, so you also have to be careful or better still check for teaching jobs on linkedin as well.

@Mag @nelvingonzales could you help confirm the “other list” above? I am sure of the “big names list” cos I once add interviews with Vipkids and 51talk but got dropped at the last stage am sure simply because am from Africa.

Also as for teaching certification, you can check out the list below:

But I strongly recommend Coursera, cos you can apply for financial aid and get approved within 2weeks.

Let me know if you need further assitance.

@o.bunmi60 thank you for your generous help. :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate it.