The Ultimate Remote Cover Letter this Wednesday. Join us!

Happy Saturday awesome Pangians.

Just a quick reminder. Our Remote Cover Letter Fix Webinar is selling out and I didn’t want you to miss this. We have only 3 seats left and we are going live this Wednesday!!!

**So, if you dream of working remotely, but submitting applications and not hearing back, please join me for the:

Ultimate Remote Cover Letter Webinar

In this webinar, I will be:

  • Leveraging my 9+ yrs of experience working and hiring for startups and Fortune 500

  • Executing 5 Remote Resume/CV Changes That Will Get You Noticed by Employers

  • Transforming a real Cover Letter that was tossed into “Rejected” pile into an “Interview” worthy gem!

Here is the link with more info:

Ps. If you missed our FBlive training 5 Remote Cover Letter Changes That Will Get You Noticed by Employers - here is the link:

Hello Mag,

Can you please send me an email address I need to talk to you directly, I have something that the Pagian community might need.


Ps: You can send me an email to and we can take it from there. Hope this helps