Top 6 CCNP Data Center Exam Tips You Should Know

If you are looking for useful tips to crack your CCNP data center exam, this article can help. These tips and tricks can help you understand the nitty-gritty of the CCNP data center course and relevant topics.

A graduate candidate with a CCNA Certification can enhance their future career growth by studying CCNP. They can also specialize in a particular topic like CCNP Data Center for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

There is a craze for CCNP Data Center Certification Course among candidates. As soon as you complete this professional certification course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to succeed in your professional life.

Here are top tips and tricks to clear your CCNP Data Center Certification Program successfully:

Understand the Core Concept

Learners not just need to go through the chapters and workbooks carefully, but they have to spend a lot of time in CCNP-dedicated labs with the necessary networking tools and gadgets.

CCNP Data Center learners are expected to have in-depth knowledge of configuration, setting up, and other salient information regarding data center solutions.

Strategize Your Exam

If you aspire to be a CCNP data center professional, you’ll have to clear a couple of papers. CISCO termed these papers as CORE and CONCENTRATION.

CORE EXAM: You have to appear for DCCOR (Core paper). Here you have to answer 120 questions in 120 minutes. The maximum marks allotted will be around 1000 marks, and you have to get at least 825 marks to pass it.

Other Information: The exam will be conducted in English. You have to pay examination fees of around 300-USD or a bit more as per the current rate.

It is an online exam and the professional certificate you obtain after passing it will stay valid for three years from the date of the issue of the certificate.

Choose Your Concentration Paper Carefully

Though the core paper is compulsory you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a concentration paper.

You need to choose any one paper from the following concentration courses:

DCAUTO 300-635
DCID 300-610
DCIT 300-615
DCACI 300-620
DCSAN 300-625
DCACIA 300-630

Depending upon your interest, and preferred niche, you should choose your concentration paper carefully.

If you are finding it difficult to choose your concentration paper, we’re here to help.

Considering the current trends in emerging networking technologies, choosing DCID 300-610 will be ideal. This course is about Designing CISCO Data Center Infrastructure and will be around 90-minute duration.

Many students end up not securing sufficient marks because they fail to choose the right concentration paper, that’s why for your help, we explained which one should you choose.

Complete Your Syllabus

The CCNP Data Center exam is not just tough but costly, too. Anytime you want to appear for the exam, make sure you have prepared well.

You need to complete the entire syllabus—at least 80% of it, if not 100%—a month before your exam. You need to read all the study materials carefully and give ample time to practice relevant practical sections in the workbooks.

The syllabus will cover the following topics: Automation, security, network, computing, and storage.
You should have a clear understanding of each concept before attempting to appear for the exam. Among all these chapters, Network Storage will be crucial as a lot of questions do come from this chapter.

You need to practice hard for the exam. You need to consistently study for at least three hours per day to cover its theory portion and dedicate two hours per day at labs to practice its practical portions. Thus, if you consistently study for five hours per day, you can expect to pass the exam with flying colors.

Choose a Training Institute

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What Should I Practice at Labs?

You need to practice hard, making use of both online and offline resources to secure good marks on the exam. Appearing in multiple mock tests or papers can also help you prepare well for the exam. You can get all necessary CCNP test-related assistance from Network Bulls. Here, mentors are extremely helpful and always prioritize the needs of the students before everything else.

If you have any doubt or apprehension about any topic or portion of the course, you can directly talk to any of our instructors for help. NB’s experienced and helpful faculty members love helping students.

In Conclusion

Just like any other exam, involving practical components; If you want to get good marks in your CCNP Data Center Exam, manage your time well. Meticulous time management skills are essential. You should dedicate enough time to practical revision and theoretical understanding.

While attempting mock tests, using the stopwatch feature on your mobile can help you understand your progress. Also, at the time of your exam, you should never leave any questions unanswered. There’s no negative marking in the exam, and that’s why candidates are encouraged to answer as many questions as they can.

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