Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes in India with Placement

Are you trying to find the top Digital marketing course in India? Learn everything you need to know about the complete digital marketing training. Those who want to build a successful profession and company may consider taking a Digital marketing course online as one of their first investments. Aspiring professionals can better enhance their abilities and adapt to the changing job market if they have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and everything else. This article looks at the best digital marketing course near me.


What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses technology to promote and advertise a brand, whether a company, product, person, or service. Social media, search engine optimization, email, websites, mobile applications, and many more fall under its expansive umbrella. Professionals in marketing rely on these channels to get their message out and make an impression on their target audience.
In a nutshell, “digital marketing” refers to any electronic promotional effort. In today’s digital age, the globe is accessible from your hand. Many rely on this medium to learn as much as possible about a product before making a purchase decision.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes in India with Placement

1. Henry Harvin

In a recent poll, Higher Education Digest and India Today ranked Henry Harvin as the most popular option for the best digital marketing course. Henry Harvin Education is a group that helps people advance in their chosen fields. Since its launch in July 2013, the company’s strong team of 400+ employees and 650+ consultants has expanded to include locations in 11+ cities across the United States, India, and the United Arab Emirates. India’s highest-ranking businesses and universities approve its certifications and are even acknowledged by the country’s government. Students will earn seven credentials after completing only one digital marketing training course. Certificates include - Certified Agile Digital Marketer from Henry Harvin Marketing Academy; Adwords Fundamental, Search Advertising, Mobile Sites, and Video Advertising from Google; and Facebook Marketing from Facebook.
Learners can benefit significantly from the digital marketing training in Gold membership’s access to recorded videos and case studies. They bolstered practical education through internships and real-world initiatives.

Benefits You Can Count On

  • Forty hours of live online instruction will immerse you in thoroughly examining digital marketing tactics.
  • In addition, you may earn credentials from Google(5) and Facebook(1) as well as the Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy (CADM).
  • Moreover, Henry Harvin’s digital marketing course is included in the perks of gold membership.
  • You’ll have entry to an LMS and supplementary resources.
  • You get trained in the form of an unpaid internship.
  • The institute provides complete job placement assistance.
    Ph No: +91 9891953953
    Digital marketing course fees: 17500

2. BrandVeda

Another excellent institution for digital marketing courses in India, this one has been around since 2014, has a stellar reputation, and is considered the finest marketing college in the city by the local publication Urban Pro. Over the next several years, they want to teach over 17,000 people and put over 1,000 pupils with top digital marketing agencies. They have a well-structured program with both theoretical and practical components. BrandVeda also assists its candidates in finding employment.

3. upGrad

upGrad is an online education provider that partners with leading institutions worldwide to provide accredited degrees and certifications in various disciplines, including digital marketing, accounting, information technology, and management. Students and working professionals have input towards the program’s development. This course may improve their knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and other essential marketing techniques.


NIIT pioneered India’s first comprehensive digital marketing program in 2012. Digital Marketing Institute contributed to the curriculum’s content and resources. You may earn a certification from the Digital Marketing Institute of India.
More than 30 different Indian cities are home to NIIT training facilities. You must attend digital marketing classes at one of their locations.
The training will include a live video broadcast. Several NIIT campuses across India will be holding concurrent classes. They think that, as of now, 40 thousand professionals have earned their credentials.

5. Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE is one of the best digital marketing schools in India, with a curriculum covering all the bases. Course materials are regularly revised to reflect the most recent developments in the industry. It prepares them to face the marketing problems of the real world. In this way, they learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and gain insight into the workings of the business world.

6. Digital Vidya

Recognized as a global leader in digital marketing education, the institution has trained more than 35,000 professionals from 55 countries and 15,000+ businesses. The best digital marketing school in India is undoubtedly reachable, as they are partners with industry heavyweights like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Digital Vidya was the first organization in India to provide training in the use of social media. Digital Vidya’s Accredited Digital Marketing Masters Course is a comprehensive curriculum that debuted in 2013.

7. Learning Catalyst

Another finest center for learning anything about digital marketing is Learning Catalyst. Learning Catalyst, established in 2008, is a training provider known for its extensive course offerings and reasonable prices. Expert educators who have founded successful companies like Fast Web Group and Web Step-Up lead the class. The university is helpful in that it provides payment arrangements for students.

Finale Takeaway

An increasing number of businesses are recognizing the relevance of digital marketing. Because of digital marketing, most companies now have access to a wealth of information on their ideal customers. As mentioned earlier, only a few well-known digital marketing programs are available. A digital marketer’s time has come to take advantage of new opportunities and thrive in today’s information-based economy.
10 major digital marketing modules


Q 1. What is SEO?

Ans: SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, enhances a website’s discoverability, relevance, and popularity in response to user search queries to raise the site’s organic search engine results page (SERP) placement.

Q 2. Do digital marketers get paid well?

Ans: SEOs may make a maximum of 6.3 Lakhs yearly. The average annual compensation for an SEO Associate with less than three years of experience is 2.4 Lakhs.

Q 3. Is it challenging to work as a digital marketer?

Ans: The stress level in your job, however, will depend on your role. Similarly, SEO work is a competitive field. In contrast, some programming and information technology occupations can be rather demanding.