Top 8 Train the Trainer Courses in India

Training the Trainer course is crucial because it enables trainers to impart their respective teachings effectively to students. Most of the students joining this course are subject matter experts themselves. However, it is necessary to understand that every trainer needs to have not only the knowledge of the subject but also have the skill to transfer this knowledge successfully to their students.
Doing a Train the Trainer course actually offers them the opportunity to enhance their core competencies and skills and come up with more interesting and innovative teaching methods to eventually benefit the students.
There are many training institutes that offer Train the Trainer certification courses in India. Let us take a look at the top 8 institutes.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Train the Trainer Course is a 24-Hours live and interactive session. It is planned in a manner so that it can offer aspiring trainers with innovative skills for training their students. This course helps the students to understand the methods and tips that keep the students interested and attentive. The Train the Trainer course is focused on experiential learning. Henry Harvin teaches their students the fundamentals of how to plan their training sessions effectively and equips them with techniques to do so. Students are taught about new techniques and online tools that are used in the industry to conduct Training Sessions

2. Indian Leadership Academy

The Train the Trainer course offered by Indian Leadership Academy is planned with a lot of detailing and accuracy. Their course provides wannabe trainers complete guidance on how they can get started on their training journey. The best part about the course is that they also provide a 1 month internship program which is one of a kind where students get to apply all that they learnt. Students are also given an exposure to build skills for mastering their teaching platform, training skills, over-all content development models and real-world challenges that they might face as a Trainer.


KPMG’s Train the Trainer course aims to equip aspiring trainers with the understanding and knowledge required to educate others and to improve their skills. This Train the Trainer course helps the students to develop their training abilities and get a clearer and better understanding of a trainer’s role. They are also taught how to design, evaluate, develop and deliver effective training models successfully.

4. Simpili English

The Train the trainer course offered by Simpili English helps to train corporate trainers and leaders to prepare for diverse training scenarios with real-life examples. This course helps to make the students proficient in delivering training modules based on achieving the organizational goals. This Train the Trainer course also ensures that the students learn new skills to deliver presentations, acquire excellent communication skills, and develop an enigmatic personality.

5. Eka Academy

Eka Academy offers a Train the Trainer course called Project Dhronacharya. This course covers all fundamentals of training that ranges from classroom training, content creation, essentials of psychometric assessment and practical learning. Aspiring trainers gain a strong base of critical training skills while the experienced trainers are acquainted on how to implement new methodologies for delivering influential training.

6. Udemy

Udemy’s Train the Trainer course focuses on guiding their students and equipping them with the essential skills that will allow them to tap from their capability to become efficient trainers. This Train the Trainer course is great for apprentices as well as qualified trainers who want to refresh their knowledge.

7. ATC Future Learn

The 5 week Train the Trainer course from ATC Future Learn gives students a comprehensive insight into carrying out engaging training sessions. Aspiring trainers doing this course discover a variety of assessment techniques to help them get a better sense of their students’ understanding so that they can be effective trainers.

8. Vskills

Vskills certification course for Train the Trainer has been intended to shape the instructional skills and cultivate a learning culture amongst students. Thus, their Train the Trainer course provides multiple opportunities to the aspiring trainers to design, plan and evaluate training. Vskills Train the Trainer certification course assesses their students on several areas like training techniques, the training procedure, lesson planning, evaluation methodologies and training assistance. This helps the student to broaden their job opportunities in today’s competition.

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