Traveling plans! What's next?

Hi Pangians,

What’s your dream destination after lockdown? Where are you planning to visit first?

I am dreaming of traveling to India or Tanzania? My big goal is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

You? Share your pic

Ps. Here is a pic of me and my friends climbing to base camp of Mt. Everst. I miss it so much.


Honestly, I really want to go back to Bermuda. I went there last summer and it was amazing. Also, I just can’t wait to go to Spain one day, as well as Honduras, Ecuador, and Merida, plus any other great places!


Just noticed that you said that pic is from base camp of Mt. Everest and WOW!!! So incredible!!!


@gwyneth.johansen :slight_smile: I see you have a travel bug too :slight_smile: Totally agree on Spain, Ecuador… so many places to see!

I think I visited Bermuda briefly and unfortunately, it was a long time ago. What did you like about Bermuda?


Bermuda is just so special. The weather, the beaches, the water, the culture, the people…you name it, it’s spectacular! It can be extremely hot or very rainy (but I’m used to that here in NYC), just to beware, but I’ve never felt anywhere the way I felt in Bermuda. I have to go back. It was so peaceful, the people were friendly (for the most part), the water is just super clear aqua colored, and there’s just all kinds of gorgeous sightseeing really great food. It’s so unique and just gorgeous!

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What country/place is your favorite that you have traveled to?

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After conquering Kilimanjaro last year, I think my next big trip is definitely to South America, I’ve never been down there and have always wanted to go!

I have my sights set on climbing Mt. Aconcagua!

Here is a pic from me on Kili.


I had to cancel two vacations this year; one to Italy, Greece, and Croatia and another to Negril. I will reschedule those first and then day dream of other places to visit :slight_smile:


I also want to go to Italy and visit the coliseum, I heard it’s open again for tourists.

Wow! This is Amazing! @Mag, maybe you can ask @steven for some tips and experiences before you went to Mount Kilimanjaro.

@steven wow, Mt.Kilimanjaro was on my list for this year but with Corona - I am not sure if that will happen.

Which month do you recommend going? Did you go with a group or alone? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

As for South America - I have my eyes on Peru - Machu Picchu, rainbow mountains and of course Patagonia :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, all in all, how many Mt.'s have you climbed? I grew up in Colorado, so I’m very curious!


@gwyneth.johansen I don’t know but many :slight_smile: I never counted it but I grew up in the south of Poland, very close to the border with Slovkia and Czech Republic. That entire region is covered with Tatra Mountains so since I was a little kid we spend most weekends hiking mountains. I also lived in NC - so lots for Blue Ridge Mountains there.

Then as I traveled, I hiked mountains in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and of course Nepal. Basically, whenever I am closed to mountains - I am definitely going for a hike :slight_smile:

How about you? Colorado must be perfect for mountain adventures!

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Hi Gwyneth, great destinations indeed! I have myself been thinking about moving to this area of the world (not sure where yet!) and Bermuda was on my list but I removed it because it was supposed to be VERY expensive. How did you manage your stay there? thanks!
have a beautiful day

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Hi Pangians!!!

I am heading to North Carolina for a business trip. I am looking forward to getting on a plane again but it’s sad we cannot do it like we used to.

I have my mask, sanitizer and will be social distancing a lot but after that I am planning a road trip to the mountains.

How is every one and are you traveling anytime soon?

please visit nepal too…
i would be happy to see you in pokhara , Nepal too.

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dear madam it looks like you love mountains :slight_smile:

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I would like to visit Mount Everest :grin: