Uploading Profile Photos

Has anyone had trouble uploading their profile photo or cover photo? Apparently I cannot complete my profile without these, but I have tried using several different formats and keep getting the error message “Invalid nonce”. The files are well below the size limit, and I have tried JPG and PNG formats. Any ideas or suggestions? I have sent a message via the Pangian Contact Form, but thought I would try here as well. Thanks for your help!



I guess this is server prob. and not from your side but since you’ve contacted support, am sure it will be addressed soon.

Hi @bradfordkauffman, I think you haven’t fixed your problem yet, yesterday, I helped my friend on creating his profile in Pangian, we have the same issue, we can’t upload his profile pic, but after refreshing the browser, the photo was uploaded and we continue the process.

Tagging @Rick to help us with this problem.

Thank you!

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Hi @bradfordkauffman my pic updated no problem so many temporary issue… Also, the advice from @nelvingonzales sounds great.