Urgent Feedback needed

Dear all,

I need some urgent feedback as I have to send my application for a job at Automattic (Happiness Engineering) and only had time to watch the free video about the 5 tips on Cover letters (now I’m watching the one about resumes which probably needs less work).

Could you please give me your feedback on my cover letter ? I would really like to increase my chances as much as possible (even though there are many more opportunities here if this doesn’t work) as I really like their vision and values.

Thank you already for all your help !

Dear Mrs. Lori McLeese,

When I started University to study Engineering, I came in as a very introvert kid. Two years in, and after much failure, I became year representative. By the start of my second year as representative, I knew the name, surname and face of every single one of my 150 fellow students, and was on extremely good terms with most of my teachers. That’s when I discovered the power of social interaction.

Since then, I have strived to connect with amazing people all over Europe and further. Through my two and a half year experience as a Technical Customer Support Agent at Ingenico ePayments, I have developed very high skills in both Empathy and handling both happy and angry customers (which I absolutely enjoy) and I have further refined them by become the Soft Skills Coach and Trainer for the Customer Support team at the same company. This has given me the capacity to quickly connect and create trust with customers as well as my colleagues.

My process when encountering a new issue is rather simple but highly effective. The first and most important step is actively reading/listening to the customer and clarifying as much of the encountered issue as well as their background information (who they are, what is their knowledge, how did they work until they encountered the issue, etc).

If the issue is known, then the following steps should be rather natural depending on what is going on, my knowledge of the tool and which level of access I have. If I have no knowledge of the question or issue, I will firstly consult the documentation and my own notes as well as ask to a more knowledgeable colleague in hopes to find an answer. If I notice that I cannot find the answer quickly (usually a couple of minutes), I will agree with the customer to contact him/her back at a later time so I can further investigate.

The most important action at that point is to always keep the customer informed, whether I have a solution or not, as well as pay close attention to their feedback and needs. I also have the possibility to redirect them to other possible leads (e.g. their webmaster for example who might have additional information) at the same time as I follow mine.

Finally, once a conclusion is found, whether positive or not, I always end by asking if there is anything else I can help with, as this ensures that any other ongoing issue gets the same level of attention and can avoid the frustration of recurring contacts for different issues.

I am currently pioneering this knowledge and approach within my new team at ******* who are set to become a Support team in one month instead of a Middle Office team, and after only two months I have already become a reference in communication (both for customers and internal) as well as for clarifying and implementing new processes (which are currently many as the company is being fully created).

My background as a Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering has certainly contributed to my analytical skills. This coupled with my high creativity have made me a highly skilled problem solver both professionally and in my private life.

I am proficient in French and Spanish, which are my two mother tongues, as well as English which I practice daily at a near-native level, and my very enthusiastic vibe and can-do attitude help me federate my teammates as well as my management in both challenging and easy-going environments.

The reason I decided to apply at Automattic is following a read of Matt Mullenweg’s five levels of remote work. I have always loved having flexibility, and seeing his vision to give the flexibility and trust that many managers are so afraid to provide was very inspiring.

From that, becoming a Happiness Engineer seemed like a perfect fit given my background and experience as well as my personality (many of my friends call me “Happy Face” since I’m apparently always smiling!).

I also believe I can put my varied skills and my fast learning and fast growing mindset to use to both Automattic as a company and each and every customer I will have the pleasure to help.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Hi, I would say just customize your cv in line with the job description and hope for the best
answer a few questions in your cover letter like:

  1. what makes you the best fit for the position.
  2. what value are you bringing
  3. what’s your muscle, etc.

Make it brief and precise don’t have to write a full-page and you can also try to reach out to any staff member you could find on social media to review your cover letter for you if possible.
probably anyone in the admin dept. that would give you an idea of a better picture.

I had applied there a couple of times, but never got any IV’s the only thing I noticed is that they keep posting the same vacancy. Probably another kind of SEO strategy to keep their site busy (…my opinion anyways).

I wish you, good luck bro.