UX Consultant 16 yrs experience looking to move to remote working

Later this year (2020) or early next I’m looking to move from the south east of the UK to Shropshire, a more remote area. To support this move I’m looking to transition to more (and evenually all) remote working. Historically I’ve done most of my work in London, but 25 years of commuting has taken its toll…

I’ve worked in UX design and research contract roles since 2004, been online since 1994 and worked in the internet/‘new media’ industry since 1995. I’ve worked for many clients large and small across many sectors, including P&O Ferries, Vodafone, BP, B&Q, John Lewis, the British Medical Association, Refinitiv and RBS, to name just a few.

This is my LinkdIn profile, and I can supply a current CV/portfolio on request.


If anyone hears of remote projects (contract or FTE) involving UX, please let me know!

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Hi @ianwestbrook! Welcome to Pangians! Always check our Pangian Job board to be updated on the latest IT remote jobs.

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