What is the biggest reason you are looking for a remote job? #questionoftheweek

What is the biggest reason you are looking for a remote job?


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For now I’m just looking around, seeing what types of opportunities there are, and just getting a sense of it. But by early next year I want to start looking seriously for a remote position (bookkeeping, assistant controller, etc) so that I can take a nice long trip, travel for probably several months. Thereafter, I want to be able to have the kind of flexibility that a remote position provides. I’m truly tired of being chained to a desk 45 hours a week. It’s just a terrible way to spend your life.

So basically, short term just looking to get a sense of what’s out there, mid-term want a part time position that can fund a nice long trip around the world, and long term I want general flexibility.

How about you? Your reasons?


The reasons I prefer to work remotely;

No commute(which saves time and money)
Less office politics
More ability to own my work
Flexibility to work when I want and have a better work/life balance
More choice in who I interact with and how often
Overall better quality of life in general


My biggest reason is the fact that I am a single father, working remotely from home will allow me to dedicate more time in the project at hand without having to commute everyday, also my lil guy requires my full attention and working from home will permit me to manage my time very well between work and the family


I come from a country ( Bulgaria ), which has a very small and limited market for creatives with little to no opportunities to learn and grow.

After having worked in FinTech for a few years and ultimately not enjoying it as much, due to my disability to show any form of creativity in any shape or form whatsoever, I decided to seek opportunities worldwide in hopes that I’ll be able to practice a craft that actually fulfills me both mentally and financially ( Videography / Photography ).

How about the others?


My reasons would be…

  • Working internationally, look outside the box, and grow
  • Be flexible and fully decide when to work and where to work
  • I believe it is the future in many branches

I’ve been working remotely for 6+ years and love it. At the time I actually wasn’t seeking it out, but once I had it I learned to love it. The flexibility of working from anywhere, no commute, no office BS. Though as a people person I do miss being around people sometimes, but then I can go work in a coffee shop.


Better work life balance is one of my biggest motivations too (right after freedom to travel)

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@maureenhennessey my story is very similar. When I first started working remotely I didn’t truly look for it but the minute I tried it, my life has changed forever. I’ve been now remote for over 9 years.

What do you do Maureen in your job?

My biggest motivation for working remote is the ability to travel and experience places for extended periods of time without being stuck in one place for as long as a typical lease. In my last city - and current city for that matter - the cost of living is outrageous and local employers, while paying well, don’t really pay enough to live well at the end of the day, at least not outside of paying your bills. With friends and family scattered all over, and so many cities even just in America left to explore, working remotely opens the door to live in a city for a month or two at a time, visit friends and family and move on to the next. Simply put, freedom and quality of life. I want to experience as much as I can while I’m here and being stuck to one location really prevents me from living my life to the fullest.


I have been remote for 5 years right now working with various vector stock company as an Graphic illustrator, vector artist, graphic designer and right now I am working as an Art Director for new born vector stock company, I enjoy my remote working style which I can take care of my wife cause she is kinda vulnerable to illness of course play and support my daughter.


Quite simply, in the “knowledge” industry (for lack of a better word) we’re being paid for our expertise. Our physical presence is irrelevant except to sooth the irrational fears of management who don’t know how to actually manage people. Which is just not a good enough excuse.

I’m not opposed to working in an office. My last role was actually “office based” but we were allowed to work from anywhere, just as long as we popped in now and then. I was actually the first person at the company who insisted on a remote contract with the understanding that I’d come in when necessary. I really enjoyed working there and actually looked forward to the office days because I had a great team (one or two I still consider friends now).

I simply refuse to work for someone who wants me there “just because”. This is not why I broke into online marketing. This is not why I spent years honing my craft, learning to code, learning SEO, marketing etc. just to sit in a room because someone has trust issues.

I’m also not great at concentrating if I have to sit in the same place all the time. I have a desk at home I use about half of the day and then spend the rest in a cafe or in the living room :stuck_out_tongue: .


I want to be in a position to travel and work in Hungary. Having been here numerous times in 13 years and studying too, it’s like my second home. Working remotely will give me the flexibility to be in both Ireland and Hungary.

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I’ve worked different desk jobs within a financial institution for the last 6 years. I have been successful, but have realized I am in need of more flexibility. I have an adventurous spirit and would like to enhance my work/life balance by finding an opportunity that I can showcase my skills for the betterment of the company while also giving me the freedom to work as a nomad.


My best friend spend some time in Budapest and he absolutely loved the city. What is you favorite place in Hungary?

I love Pécs and I will live there. There are so many towns and cities to visit in Hungary still :smiley: For now, Pécs is my favourite place.

My choice for remote is for several reasons one of which is my son has a disability and needs me to have a schedule to allow for that therapy he needs. Also it would provide the stability I need for further pursuits educationally. Taking on a full time job with commute is troublesome when pursuing higher education. I know I’ve done it and I would prefer not spread my abilities that far again. A lot of things suffer when there is not a good balance. Lastly, it would provide freedom and financial stability.


My reason to find a remote job is yet another disability story. I had to retire from my position as a consultant executive chef due to fracturing my back in 3 places. This prevented me from working immediately and has carried on doing so. As an “expert” in the food world I thought I would find work writing about my love of food. Hahaha. I have been awarded best restaurant in 4 different places around the world, I am a member of the International Guild of Maser Chefs, also with many international media acclaims. I even have a degree in English. But can I find work? Any suggestions, help, tips, advice, contacts??? I need to earn some money to help pay for corrective surgery and to relieve my boredom.


The freedom to work form home or literally anywhere is mind blowing to me. I definitely would like experience and the idea to gain that whilst essentially being at home or anywhere is a really ideal situation for me. Overall I want to help with the bills at home whilst spending time with my father who isnt at his best health.

life isnt cheap but its doable but I know I need experience and am willing to do the work and grow as a person, but not at the expense of my mental and physical health.


Hi @Mag I have read this few years ago : Never get so busy to make a living, that you forget to make a life. This quote is very true, we only live once and let’s cherish every moment while we can. I chose to work remotely to have more time with my family and to do what I love.