"What would you do, day to day, if you had $100 million in the bank?" (Q: T. Ferris)

“What would you do, day to day, if you had $100 million in the bank?” (Q: T. Ferris)

That is 470 million pesos in the Philippines, if I had that amount, I’m going to make a shelter for street dwellers especially those who have mental problems. I will also allot funds to protect nature. :blush:

I would contribute to make the Earth a better and sustainable place to live with for my future grandkids. If it means, sanctuary for endangered animals, help raise awareness about plastic usage, recycling, make products that are environmentally safe, work with ambassadors from those countries that emit high air and water pollution, work with factories to avoid contaminating our rivers and oceans… a lot more ideas in my mind… Sadly, I do not have 100 million sitting in my reality.

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Love the goal @melissajoza. The good news you don’t need 100M to make at least so of that reality, eg: recycling, raise awareness about plastic usage. I’m on board :slight_smile: I started with the reusable bags that I take to the store instead of using plastic bags.

Where are you at in the world and how do sustainable efforts look like in your community?

I do all what I could for my community. Sometimes recycling is even costly where I am at. I am in Atlanta, GA. The products that are recyclable or sustainable are usually double the price, people would just get plastics. I stopped buying plastic and use mostly glass, paper bags for groceries and recycle as much as I can. I ultimately would like to have solar panels installed, but it is VERY expensive. It does not help that recycling for garbage here cost more, than if you were to just get a regular garbage bins. So I am not sure if my effort even makes a dent.

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This is fantastic @melissajoza and I am sure your effort makes an impact! As a matter of fact, often small actions taken consistently over time is what makes a difference the most. Like a river that flows gently and over time washes the shoreline and widens…unitl it gets from the mountain spring all the way to the sea.

Have you tried to connect with an eco-friendly / sustainability non-profit and join forces?