What's the last travel photo you took?✈️

Pangians! Let’s see it. What’s the last travel photo you took on your phone?:airplane:

Here is mine: San Francisco sunrise


Hi Ms @Mag, This is my last travel photo, it was taken in Laguna Philippines about a month ago, 2hrs travel from my location. I’m so blessed I have the opportunity to support our National team in a preparation game for the upcoming South East Asian Games. While watching, I still have the time to work for my client. I’m so glad I chose to work remotely.


Hi Mag

I travelled to Australia for the first time of my life and this is one of the last pictures i had down a cool alley way. Thanking my sisters for having me. Ill have to get back to you of where this was exactly lol.

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I love volleyball! I used to play a loooooong time ago!! :smiley:

Do you play @nelvingonzales?

Hi, Yes, every Sunday at 12 to 4pm :grin:

I’m a universal(versatile) player but my comfort position is as a setter. What’s your position?