What's your most fun holiday tradition?

Hi Pangian! Holidays are coming and soon we will be celebrating NYE!

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How do you celebrate holidays in your country and what’s your most fun holiday tradition?

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Hi @Mag, in Philippines, by 2nd week of December, Christmas Carol was being sung almost daily by different groups, and we have to give them donations for performing for us. With that, we truly feel the spirit of Christmas. Have a blessed holiday ahead!


It’s always about family for me. But generally I’m working so we celebrate either before or after the 25th. On the rare occasion I have the day off it’s about spending time with loved ones, eating some amazing food, and of course football! We also go drive around and look at all the Xmas lights and get some taste beverages.


Awww @nelvingonzales I didn’t know that about the Philippines :slight_smile: I love that singing!

In Poland we don’t do much singing but we decorate the house with everything “Christmas” and I love the snow! On the 24th we have a big dinner with family and we share a little white Christmas wafer and exchange wishes. We also open presents right after dinner on 24th :slight_smile:

@Wilde are you from USA? I’m originally from Poland but now live in USA (San Francisco) and I would say it’s similar for me. All about family, good food and looking at Xmas lights. Lately, I also binge on all the Chrismas movies (old style :), like “Home Alone” :slight_smile: lol

Hi! Yes I am from the USA (family moved from Poland to Wisconsin)…more specifically I have been living in Sonoma County! Just north of SF! And you cannot go wrong with Christmas movies, my favorite currently is Elf with Will Ferrell.

Thank you for sharing @Mag, only upper-class family can do that kind of celebration here in Philippines, but we also have our way to celebrate it during 24th , we prepare food for Noche Buena, play family games and singing on a videoke while waiting for 25th, having your family on those special days of the year is the best gift that we can have :smiley:

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HI Mag , tradition here for us is spending time with family on christmas eve for mum and dad and my siblings spend actual christmas with their partners and their families. We are from the pacific islands where we cook too much good food and sing to Niuean songs and karaoke till we lose our voices.Hopefully Santa will bring my other siblings around the world to us and make it even more merry.

Hello Pangians!

My favorite tradition used to be to watch Christmas movies while eating a LOT of food. But I have recently changed since I am on my patch to a better life style so food is not longer front and center, same thing with movies since I am in a path to spending more time away from the TV.

So my new tradition is to be in a different city, or country for the holidays. So far it has been 4 years on non stop. So, as a Pangian travel is my new favorite holiday tradition.

Cheers! :smiley:

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Very nice Sir!

I will go back to gym next year, that would be my new year resolution! :sweat_smile: