Worldwide Celebrations

Hi Pangians!

To those of you who celebrate happy Chinese New Year / Spring Festival / Lunar New Year! The year of the :pig: is here! Does anyone here celebrates or has experienced this holiday!

I found this article which explains important things to know about this celebration.

I found a few of this thing interesting.

  1. Lunar New Year is basically like having an entire country throw a family reunion – all at once. Traffic Armageddon inevitably strikes.

  2. It lasts for 15 days! Talking about party time!

  3. The girls get so drill about their relationships that a new industry was born! The Holiday Boyfriend rental is a real thing thanks to this holiday.

I am interested to know what do you guys and gals think about this holiday? Did any of the facts about this holiday catch your attention? Why? Share your thoughts!

What do you think @Mag @brianwong @Stevie @katherinelangley @ozgebalkanli ?